Bespoke Service

fenderfits™ can create any size or shape fender cover you require.

fenderfits™ has an enormous amount of experience in this area, having manufactured for all the major inflatable fender companies such as Avon, Aere, Nauticum and Novurania. These companies turn to us when they want to cover their products.


Bespoke Service

Here at fenderfits™ we pride ourselves on being able to create any cover imaginable. Our team of professional seamstresses just require the dimensions of your fenders and leave the rest to us.

Bespoke covers are a specialised service and a great deal of skill, care and attention is needed in order to produce to the highest requirements. Our stitching and material are reinforced to ensure our covers have a long and durable life.


Personalised Service

We are also able to personalise your covers by embroidering your boat’s name or logo on our fenderfits™. We already embroider our covers for such prestigious names as Sunseeker and Windy, so why not you?

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fenderfits™ – Bespoke service, worldwide. The largest cover we have ever made was over 4 meters long and 1 meter wide, which had to be delivered to a ‘ship in transport’ in the Panama Canal within 3 days. Our clients expect the best quality and the best service within the quickest turnaround, that is why they come to fenderfits™ .