Neoprene Fender Covers for Inflatable Fenders


Neoprene has become a popular choice of material to cover larger and inflatable fenders as it combines durability and impact absorbance with a plush, velvety finish to add an air of luxury to the appearance of your boat.

Not all neoprene is the same, however. With over 10 years’ experience we have scrutinized and sourced the best materials suitable for the intended purpose.

We offer two superior qualities:

  • Premium Quality: 2mm thick, with higher tear-strength, better resistance against abrasion and UV-induced degradation
  • Standard Heavy Quality: 2mm thick

Available in black, in all the standard sizes shown here. Bespoke sizes can be made upon request.

Inflatable Fenders Size Chart

FenderFits size chart for Inflatable fenders

Note: Fenders and covers sold separately.