Our Covers

We offer our FenderFits™ fender covers in either Acrylic or Neoprene to suit your fender requirements and personal tastes.

ACRYLIC Fender Covers

FenderFits™ acrylic fender covers are made from high-bulk acrylic yarn, valued for its low moisture absorbency and resistance to mildew. Knitted in a tight terry-loop that is hard-wearing yet cushions the boat-sides. A full range of vibrant colours ensures that your boat will look smart and ship-shape.

FenderFits™ – tested to British Standards: Awarded BS7

We commissioned a Bureau Veritas laboratory test of our coloured acrylic yarns, to determine their lightfastness, or resistance to sunlight induced fading. The results were conclusive; while FenderFits yarn graded at BS7 our rather ‘paler’ imitators graded at BS5. The scale is geometric which means that the yarn of our acrylic covers is 4 times more resistant to sunlight induced fading than the yarn used in some of our competitors products.


We produce a range of 9 colours: Black, Anthracite, Light Grey, Navy Blue, Royal Blue, Red, Wine, Bottle Green and Beige.

Quality Control

From start to finish all our FenderFits Acrylic covers are made in Europe, knitted on state-of-the-art machinery. They are hand-finished by our team of professional tailors and individually inspected before being packed.

NEOPRENE Fender Covers

Neoprene is a favoured choice in many marine activities, perhaps best known as the material used in wetsuits. It is pliable, durable, absorbs impact and offers good resistance against sunlight degradation and the deteriorating effects of heat and ozone. Its texture gives a plush, velvety finish that adds an air of luxury to the appearance of your boat.

We offer two superior qualities:

  • Premium Quality: 2mm thick, with higher tear-strength, better resistance against abrasion and UV-induced degradation
  • Standard Heavy Quality: 2mm thick

Quality Control

From start to finish all our FenderFits Neoprene fender covers are made in Europe from specifically sourced high-grade neoprene developed for use in the marine industry. Each cover is tailor-made and individually inspected before being packed.