Our Covers

fenderfits™ manufacturing is the result of over 15 years of experience at the forefront of this field.  fenderfits™ covers carry the British Standard Code BS7, the only cover tested to this standard.



We are the only fender cover manufacturer in the world that systematically uses Premium Quality High Bulk Acrylic Yarn. Our Yarn is tested to British Standards Grade 7 Lightfastness or resistance to sunlight (our ‘pale’ imitators use Grade 5), which means that fenderfits™ last 4 times longer.




From start to finish all our products are made in-house in Cannes. fenderfits™ are knitted on state-of the-art machinery and are then hand finished by our team of professional seamstresses. Finally, each fenderfits™ is individually inspected before being packed.



We produce a range of 12 colours; Navy Blue, Royal Blue, Black, Red, Bottle Green, Wine, Grey, Beige, Emerald, Jade, Gold and White. Our dyes have been tested to the BS 7 and so last 4 times longer in strong sunlight.


fenderfits™ – tested to British Standards : Awarded BS7.

We recently comissioned a laboratory test report by Bureau Veritas for Lightfastness, resistance to sunlight. The results were conclusive. While fenderfits™ graded at BS 7 our rather ‘paler’ imitators graded at BS 5. The scale is geometric which means that our covers are 4 times more resistant to sunlight and fading.