Fender Guide

Choosing the right size fender and using it to its full potential, is a vital part of your boats upkeep.

Follow this FenderFits™  guide to happy fendering. A little time and trouble beforehand can save you hours later, as over time a overinflated fender will become deformed and look ugly.


Fender Size

The right fender for the right job is an overlooked, yet vitally important, aspect to observe when maximizing hull protection and fender longevity. Use the guide below, as supplied by Polyform US, to choose the right fender for your boat.


Fenders – Interesting Facts.

Historically, buoys and floats were made of glass, wood, iron – practically any material that would hold air well enough to remain buoyant. These primitive buoys leaked and left marks on the boats. The first modern plastic buoy was developed by Polyform in 1955. Fender Covers were originated in England with the current design being patented in 1981.


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